Сrazy rhythm of modern cities makes our body suffer from increased stress, first of all it affects the respiratory system. Exhaust fumes of million vehicles, industrial emissions, smoking and many other factors have a destructive effect on our respiratory system. Often, the negative impact has not fast visual effect, but over time it can lead to a range of complex chronic diseases. The problem of our time is the insufficient supply of oxygenated blood.

For non-drug treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases is recommended to visit the salt rooms. It is a man-made salt caverns, which have beneficial effects on the respiratory, nervous system and the state of the organism in general. Halotherapy is a procedure of stay in the salt room, when a person inhales tiny salt particles. You do not need to put some efforts to breathe deeply or slowly. In our salt room, we suggest you combine halotherapy session with foot massage (reflexology) to achieve the maximum improvement effect.

SALT ROOM Price 30 min / 11 Euro

SALT ROOM with therapist 30 min / 17 Euro

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