The body spulpting treatments are based on Lymphatic Drainage Therapy mostly, which plays a crucial role in maintaining an immune system in a healthy condition. The principle of this therapy is based on the purification of toxins and strengthening the lymph and blood flows, speeding up the metabolic processes in the body's cells. Technique of Draining Lymphatic, anti-cellulite and vacuum massages belong to the manual massage techniques are directed to maximize relaxation. During the session our professional massage therapists determine your rhythm, depth, direction of lymph flow. By hands they can reveal the location of blood vessels, determine the direction lymphatic circulation, lymph stagnation zone and pick up the best direction for the removal of lymph and other stagnant physiological liquids. This therapy is aimed at improving lymphatic circulation, stimulating the immune system’s functions and balances the autonomic nervous system.

Anti-cellulite massage 45min. 26 Euro

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